Matt Kolsky's Audio Samples

Below are a bunch of samples from my BRAND SPANKIN' NEW audio resumé tape... Because of Blogger's strange lack of formatting options, I had to make them all into video files, but not to worry - they work just fine and should be easy to listen to. Click on the title to just listen on the web... Please enjoy...

1. This byte addresses some of the recent criticisms of King James and why I think they are a little overplayed.

2. A little rant about Michael Vick and his supposed "right" to play in the NFL again.

3. Talking about the new Oregon law dealing with racial discrimination in college athletics.

4. Addressing Hank Aaron's thought on steroids and asterisks.

5. Finally, a little compilation of some shorter rants and highlights.

Thanks for listening, everyone. I would very much appreciate any feedback you all can give, since I only plan to include some of these in my final resumé. If you don't already know my email, you can give me feedback in the comments section...